Photo Gallery

Photos of St James Events

Februay 17, 2024

The Ceremony

The happy couples

The Reception

Secret Angle Brunch

Februay 10, 2024

Our talented Church Choir director singing us a song

A delicious lunch

And all the presents

White Elephant Dinner

January 27, 2024

Christmas Pagent

December 17, 2023

St James Fall Festival

October 14, 2023




October birthday's

 October 1, 2023

Caleb Belvo

Sandy Jones

Cheryl Salvator

       Welcome Lydia Kee

our new choir Director

Sept 14, 2023

       Dragons Game

Aug 22, 2023

Everyone had a great time. Weather was perfect.

Dragons won 4-5 in the last inning.

Best catch of the night

       Vacation Bible school

July 7, 2023

D.J Cupcaake

Arts & Crafts


Static electricity
Making rain
Making bread
Inertia spinning eggs
Testing the sense of tast
Making popcorn kernels float

Games & Snacks

Carrying kitchen utensle without dropping
Who fills up the bottle first
Throwing balls to spell a message
Don't drop the glasses while passing
Snack time

Story & Music

Story time
Music Dance & Singing

       Maundy Thursday  Service

        April 6, 2023

       Palm Sunday Service

        April 2 2023


       Secret Angel reveal brunch

        February 11, 2023

       White Elephant Dinner

                                   January 21, 2023


Great Meal

Good conversation

Anticipating the drawing

Great Gifts

       Christmas Eve Pageant

                                   December 23 2022


                Trunk or Treat

                                   October 15 2022


                                         Hay Ride



Table Talk

Tour at Cox Arboretum & Lunch at Rusty Bucket

September 29, 2022

Easter Egg Hunt

April 9 2022

Not beautiful weather so hunt was inside but a great turnout.

Live Nativity  

Members of St James assembled a Live Nativity.

This event occurred in conjunction with the Star of Bethlehem being visible in the Southwestern sky.