Small Groups

Why Small Groups?

St. James small groups strive to deepen five biblical purposes:

  1. Fellowship
  2. Discipleship
  3. Ministry
  4. Evangelism
  5. Worship
The benefits of thriving small groups are numerous.

People connect:

  • on a deeper level
  • commit to their faith more seriously
  • reach out to one another
  • reach out to their community more successfully

Our small group facilitators’ goal is to help bring the group into a stimulating discussion that helps the members to recognize their need for biblically-oriented personal life change.

At the heart of our small groups is a call to community. God has wired each one of us with a longing to belong – a longing for community. But life in our fast-paced, disconnected, fragmented and broken world can make community seem like a distant dream. Our small group ministry strives to be effective, not perfect and we don’t make perfection an idol!

God invites us to seek Him with all our heart to please Him, to enjoy His plan for our lives, and to fulfill His purposes. To be more Christ-like and find satisfaction, significance and meaning in our lives, we should follow His example. Being actively involved in a small group will help you get connected on a deeper level, commit to your faith more seriously, and learn to reach out to one another and your community more successfully.

If you would be interested in starting a small group please contact Gillian Wynn 937-866-2431 or

Card Care

Everyone enjoys receiving cards along the way. We are looking for individuals who enjoy sending cards at their leisure.

Laura Coleman:
937 353-3089 or 937 623-7927

Daily Bread

We meet to share fellowship and recipes.  Learn to make exciting new recipes and food for others while creating Christ-centered relationships.

Molly Vincent:

Table Talk

Meet on the last Thursday of the month at Noon, in the Gathering Place. A women’s faith-sharing group, supporting each other and participating in interesting discussions, followed by lunch.

Contact- Kathy Clatterbuck: